Wednesday, November 19

Fallout 3 and Saints Row 2

Big iconic 360 games right there right?

Rightttt? RITEEE????!!!!

Yeah. Well. Dur. You have to buy them. Seriously.

Fallout 3 is the utter simulation of shit gone wrong with nukes. I like to think of it as training for the future. Let's face it kids. No one gets nukes and has them placed in the corner, we should start thinking in how to get immunity to radioactive material as soon as possible.

I think I would die if I was in Fallout 3. No not like those NPCs that give out their life for you to move on. I mean the ones that die right in the beginning. Because they suck ass. I mean it. Fallout 3 was a new experience for me. Oblivion with guns is a sub-title. How about Oblivion with a smaller map and more bullshit out there to kill you? Or confusing and none-informative shit-ass quests? Yeah. I'm peeved. I mean. I spend one hour to find out the bastard I have to deliver this letter to is somewhere in another - way for it - 'castle'. No fuck you. I want my linear quests , where I KNOW the NPC's there. Shit.

Still Fallout 3 makes me glee of joy and stuff. I played the Fallout and Fallout 2 this week and I found myself , deleting them and rushing to my 360.

No fanbois. Fuck you. Old Skool Fallout sucks compared to 3. Don't give me " IT'S NOT THE SAME " shit. Srsly. No. I actually want some detail in my freaking games. Not sprites and PNG. files for backgrounds. Okay? We're clear on that? Good. Now shut up.


I NEED A GANGSTAAA BITCH. YEAHHHH. -ahem- Sorry. Saints Row 2 , as the name says it's a sequel of Saints Row , a GTA wannabe , that actually does better then GTA in terms of customization.

Gta IV? Customization? Que? No. Dressing up a slav as a moron/hip dude/fresh off boat fashion isn't customization. Hell you can't even buy a house in that game. Or can you? I forgot. But that's it. A house. Or two. Meanwhile on SR2 you buy property. REMEMBER GTA:SAN ANDREAS AND VICE CITY? Okay mix those two together , plus the ability of creating your own character. Got a stiffy yet? Good. That was fast. Well all things good has a rotten side. Glitches. I mean it. This game is bugged. Like shit. Luckly those bugs only help you out , so it's cool. But still...Also this game has an online mode. Woo. Can someone say Co-Op?

No? Okay. I'll explain. Imagine John and Stevens. John and Stevens have an shared/two Xbox360's. They can play together and do the storyline. TOGETHER. And they'll gain an achievement by doing the whole story and getting most of the out-side storyline activities....

Is anyone willing to side with me to get that shitty achievement? Yes? No? Fuck you. D<

Anyways. Got money to spend? Get these games. Also get Fable II. And Rockband 2. And Left 4 Dead....Just get them dammit.

X-mas List :

-Fallout 3 /GOT IT/
-Saints Row 2/GOT IT/
-Fable II
-Rockband 2
-Left 4 Dead
-Call of Duty : World at War

What? So I already have a x-mas list. I'm a consumist prick. Get over it.

Monday, November 10

Fuck, and other fucking business.

Most underrated word. EVER.

Seriously. Imagine a world without the f-word. it.

" Oh Billy , go fornicate yourself. "

That doesn't work. Really. Try it. Speak , utter said words.

Didn't that sounded like you were back from the 20's? Seriously doesn't it?

Major clusterfuck right?


I bet you're like. " Oh shit he actually did something with his blog! "

I just post random crap of me , being angry and other that. Budda. Anyways. There's a time when a man...has a lot of shit in his way...and it's stressing him out...and shit like that. THAT'S CALLED.....GOING POSTAL.

My life is a mess. Yup. My plans of getting my ass not handed in a platter are failing. Big time. My credit card was frozen until I pay up. There goes FFXI down the toilet. My xbox360 came back though. Win-points there.

Lose-Points : 9 ; Win-Points : 6

Oh , my uncle's going out of town and he's taking zeh aunties' with him.

Lose-points 11 ; Win-points 9 , I do enjoy their company...they're smart and attractive people. Unlike you.

Did I mention that I'm alone? Yeah. Food? Money management? Cooking?! SERIOUSLY. ME?! COOKING!? I'm a guy.


Guy don't cook.

-Okay, the coast's clear-

Lose - points 20 , Win points - 10

Also some private shit came in the way. Me ish pissed and sad. :( Waaaah.

Well thank god that's off my system.


I hate women sometimes. They're like black people , OH NOES RACISM , actually all racial minorities in this world are bitches. OH NO LESS CONCENTRATED RACISM ON THE BLACKS BUT IT AFFECTS WORLDWIDE.

Damn , I'm on a roll. See , guys , before you get some hacker to trace me and kill me , I'll explain to you why am I so mean to you guys. The black people...and the asian people...and the not-roman latinos.

You guys think EVERYTHING'S racist. Seriously? The N-word? You made it up. The dog eating jokes? Stop eating Fido and Fifi assholes. The whole 'He gringooo loco , motherfucker' joke? You guys say that all the time.

We're white. We're not special. We don't have smartness and overall sad determination like asians...we don't have less chances of getting skin cancer like the afro-descendents and also we don't have the awesome facial hair and overall gringo loco attitude like you mexicanos and weirdass locos.

WE GOTTA HAVE SOMETHING RIGHT?! Also stop giving us ammo. That's pathetic. Wanna change 'our' ways? Start changing yours. I mean it 50 Cent. I mean it Daddy Yankee. I mean it Wu Tang Clan.

Seriously. I do.

Also women are dumb sometimes. You always go out with the wrong guy. EVEN THOUGH YOU HEARD HE'S A MAJOR ASS. You'll turn head over heels by this hot guy you see. Also you have feelings. No wonder you get a promotion. Haha bitch.

See , when a woman cheats on a man , the man slaps her. If a man cheats on a woman , she cries. Men drive safely. Women don't. Seriously look it up. Men don't have the need to march because we're lazy fucks and we take care of our shit. Women have 56 unions and 2 world-wide companies to save your asses from getting killed.

Seriously? Girls? Man up. Go get a gun , grow some balls and watch porn. Is that hard?

Disclaimer : I'm communist. Blame Stalin. Not me. ( LAWL JOKE. OR IS IT?! )