Saturday, October 18

Orgamic day , equals , orgamic post



I'm off from work today.

SWEET. That's an orgasm right there.

Count : 1

I went off and bought Zatochi's series and the movie and it's artbook. Costed me 79 quid.


Count : 2

I had pea soup for brunch , lunch , snack between and dinner. I'll probably eat it though out the night.

Count : 3

Now I'm writing on my blog.


Count : -3

I got a interesting e-mail from a friend of mine.

It was about a anime site he had and wanted me to join.

Anime? I'm sorry. Japanese cartoons with a fancy french name. I'll diminish it to JCwaFFN

Easy to recall? Enough for your brain I hope.

So I say. Of course.

" No. "

With a polite accent on the 'o'.

He continued on bitching until the 5th e-mail.

With words like. " Why not? ; Come on man it's gonna be fun! ; I need you , you're kinda of smart. "

I replied. " No. "

Seriously. I didn't even read his replies. No. Negative answer. Niet. Nien. No. Não. Jamais.

Then we have the MSN talk. Oh the orgasm count will go down to infinite negatives.

Him >> Dude how come you won't go to my website man?!
Me >> I don't like anime.
Him >> But dude anime's awesome! Teaches you things and not to mention the eye candy!
Me >> Eye...candy? ...Oh you mean the big-breasted chicks. I like those. That's it.

(( I like breasts okay? It doesn't make me a machist pig nor a pervert. Unfortunately I'm both. Honesty is the best tool , people. Use it. ))

Him >> C'mon man.
Me >> Listen , , I'm starting to dislike you're constant bickering. ( I used those fancy words. This means I'm either serious or high. Or drunk. Or both. )
I dislike anime. Don't make me block you and probably track you down.
Him >> Fine...Baka arou.

Oh no he didn't.

He did not use otaku's favourites' line. Baka? Arou? Are you constipated or willing to get shot?

Me >> Bless you.

I answer. Trying to place some humour to ease this bombing F-bomb incoming his way.

Him >> Urusai baka inu.

You. Are. So. Fucked.

Me >> Listen to me fuckface. Just because you know some words in japanese , doesn't make you the man. I'm the man. I'm the guy who probably will get your sister pregnant and run over your dog! I'm the guy your mom will think of , when she's fucking your dad. So listen to me Boy George , 70's japanaphiliac fuck , I'm not in the mood for your bullshit and your nazi talk. And yes. Japanese people were nazis. Still are. Look up gaijin , shit face. They don't like you! THEY DON'T EVEN LIKE ASIANS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. NOW FUCK OFF. Also..have a nice day, kawaii desu ne. ^__^

He disappeared from my buddy list and e-mail list in minus 5 minutes.

Orgasm count?

Over nine thousand baby.

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