Friday, October 17

This is madness!! No. This is XBOX360!!!

As the title fits in , you'll reckon of me as a Microsoft fanboy who prefers the 360 over the PS3 because it has Bill Gates' face in it.

Well fuck you.

PS3 sucked ass and had shitty games. Resistance? Resistance in not getting bored out of my freakin' skull....okay okay , I'm sorry okay? The PS3 is a good console , just like the 360.

And the Wii...-giggle giggle-

Oh no I'm not laughing about the fact the Wii's a walking penis joke waiting to happen. It's just the fact that the Wii is graphics wise...under the PS2. But Nintendo always bets on gameplay! That's what I want to hear Nintendo! Now go out and sucker up the little kids with pokemon and digimon and all that japanese crap! GO YOU MIYAMOTOOOO.

I dunno why , but I feel like the Wii's a rejected offspring of the 360 and the PS3 after a saturday night of heavy drinking. Or prom.

But that's just me.

Let's move on to the SERIOUS BUSINESS that led to the title of my post.

I went to a Xbox360 workshop , I didn't name the place , they did , to see if I could get a new 360 in exchange of my possessed ape shit tray opening demon.

They said the following.

" We need to ship it to Germany for repairs. "

WUUUAAAT?! Seriously. Is it hard for you guys to give me a 360 without a harddrive , or controllers? Fuck , I'll even pay for the controller in case my uncle's wife wants to play! Can't they pick up my 360 try to repair it HERE, if it doesn't work , send it to Xbox360 US' headquarters and get the money for the recycling!? And my old stupid 360 would be a new one. BETTER. STRONGER. FASTER. HAR- okay enough, you get the jig.

Shit shouldn't be this hard.

It's a console. Not a BMW. It's a entertainment tool for me to enjoy. Not a death waiting game. Assholes...

But still , now I have a reason to play PC games and my good ol' partner PS2....That is...if I don't find something better.

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