Monday, October 20

Mother Nature just pissed her pants dude!!

Few of you might know that awesome line from Tropic Thunder.

A movie about a war movie that is based on a book.

About five men , portrating a movie based on a man who was a P.O.W. on the war of the Vietcong back in the 60's. The movie was late in being released to the public and the budget just kept growing over the prima-donna personality of the actors and the inexperience of the director.

Quickly , pressure was on said director , as the person who gave him the money and his crew wanted to ring his throat for being a sucky ass.

Yet Four Leafs , the P.O.W. and the writer of the book , suggests in dropping the actors in the middle of the jungle isolated from tecnology and overall civilization. That's where shit go wrong. Wayy wrong.

But first let me tackle the characters. I do not recall must of the names' of said characters...yet they're quite...let's say....memorable.

Robert D. Jr. plays Kirk Lazarus , the aussie , multi-awarded actor who is known for getting inside the skin of his characters...way too much , almost losing his original traits. He goes though a pigmentation surgery making him black, he's australian. He's SUPPOSTED to be white. Thus the whole criticism.

Ben Stiller plays Tugg Speedman , a action hero movie star from back in the days who lost the spark and is stuck in a overall sequence of shitty movies. His last movie called Simple Jack , has him portrating a retarded young man , with rather simple and stupid dialogue. Another shit bomb right there.

Jack Black plays some dude...who is known for making comedy movies about ...farts and fat people. He's on drugs and he's a totally homenage to Chris Farley. Strike 3 on being a shit bomber.

Some black dude , el oh el , plays Alpa Chino , the R&B , Hip-Hop , overall bitchslapping rap gangsta artist , who jumped from selling records to being a movie star. He feels that Kirk's change to being a black and speaking in a overall 70's negro accent, is offensive. He uses the N word. Oh noes , strike 4.

Then some dude I don't know , portraits a rookie actor , who unlike his co-workers , read the script , the book and went to book camp for the movie. He's the only useful member in the gang and unfortunately , since he's new , none of the other actors know his name correctly.

So pretty much the cast of characters is given out to you. Unfortunately , since Ben Stiller wrote , directed and produced the movie , Ben had the 'need' to place his character in a golden bust , outshining all the other characters...but unfortunately , that just made the movie shitty. Yet the other characters seem awesome in contrast over Ben's character. Their lines are hilarious and they're fluent with the scenario. No offense Ben. But next time you write...try and bring out everyone. Not you. The movie is hilarious in some parts and stupid in some. It's like watching a normal movie that has a 60 percent in Rotten Tomatos.

Want to spend your money in a mediocre yet almost shining out to the top film? Here's your shot.

I felt somewhat ripped off. But that's just me.

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